KMU’s second-stage higher education deepening plan aims to cultivate "artificial intelligence for the new generation of precision health promotion talents". It integrates the three elements of "human-centered care", "cross-domain innovation" and "smart health". The achievements and highlights are as follows:

A. Practicing Innovation of Teaching and Enhancing Quality of Teaching

1. Innovative teaching leads the way while the number of approved teaching practice research plans ranked first in private medical schools for three consecutive years: Teachers actively participate in the academicization of teaching sites. In 110 academic year, they were approved by the Ministry of Education for 34 "MOE Teaching Practice Research Program". Compared with 107 academic year, the growth rate reached 112.5%, and the number of passes in the past three years continued to rank first among the medical universities. In the 107-109 academic year, a total of 3 teachers were promoted through teaching and research.

2.Complete AI-information characteristic courses and the student team won the International ICT Innovative Services Awards: According to the results of the computational thinking ability test, we guided students to choose "Python Programming (I)" or "Python Programming (II)". A total of 64.6% of the students took programming courses. In 110 academic year, a total of four groups of students participated in the "International ICT Innovative Services Awards 2021". Among them, the topic "Parkinson's Symptom Detection System" won the outstanding achievement.

3. Promote Precision Health, Develop Digital Teaching Materials, and Transform Medical Education: With the aim to promote precision health, KMU introduces virtual reality technology in the development of its distinctive digital teaching materials, which include 3D slicer combined with VR to introduce anatomy teaching, the use of virtual reality technology to design AR teaching plans with cognitive psychology content, the expansion of database of oral pathology and embryo digital slides, and the enrichment of digital dental teaching system, etc. The Department of Dentistry also won the third place in the "Dental Reconstruction Group" team group in the 2021 National Department of Dentistry Student Clinical Simulation Operation Competition.

B. Developing the Characteristics of School

1. Research quality and energy continue to rise, and international appraisals leap forward: In 2021, KMU ranked the 727th for the Shanghai Jiaotong University (formerly Shanghai Jiaotong University) World University Rankings. The index scores of "SCIE and SSCI Papers" and "Performance of Teachers" both increased by about 1.5 points; and in the QS Medical Subject Rankings, the index scores of "Academic Reputation" and "Average Number of Cited Papers" have also increased, indicating that the overall research energy of the school has continued to increase.

2. Ranked as the most influential private school of THE World University in Taiwan and won international recognition: In 2021, KMU ranked the 237th in the world in terms of influence-ability. Not only did it jump from the 8th to the 3rd domestically last year, it also ranked the 1st among private schools in Taiwan. It also won a global ranking in the SDG3 (Good Health and Wellbeing) project, No. 10, No. 3 in Asia, No. 1 in Taiwan.

3. Innovation and entrepreneurship have repeatedly won national competitions, and the commercialization of the technical team has achieved further results: A total of 61 derivative creative teams were coached in 110 academic year, of which 18 participated in off-campus competitions and won two first prizes and one masterpiece in the "2021 the 16th Warring States Strategy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition".

C. Promoting Publicity of Higher Education

1. Addressing the needs of socioeconomically disadvantaged students by 100%, learning outcome improved each year: We addressed the needs of socioeconomically disadvantaged students by 100%, and reduced drop‑out rate from 4% in 2017 to 1.35% in 2020, national examination pass rate rose from 70% in 2017 to 87.93% in 2020. Moreover, 21 students got certificate of completion in extension education, enhancing slash ability.

2. Including advanced analysis of school administration in annual accountability report, refining decision-making of school administration: We included advanced analysis of school administration in annual accountability report, in order to recalibrate decision-making of school administration and refine higher education SPROUT project. Data was included in school administration research. Moreover, in 2021, the school administration research has achieved fruitful concrete results, and a total of 1 poster paper and 4 seminar papers have been published in school administration research seminars at home and abroad, and one of the seminar papers won the annual outstanding paper award.

D. Reinforcing University Social Responsibility

1. Founded on profession, centering on solving local problems together, fulfilling social responsibility:  Our courses combined local subjects, including: co-operating with An-tai community in recovering the Chinese medicine industry, promoting “School Tutor Cross-field Ally” in Xiaogang, developing air pollution course outline, and promoting safe use of medicines in Qijin. Namasia team put efforts into local environmental education for years, not only conforming to SDG15: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, but also awarded “2021 Global Views University Social Responsibility Ecological Co-benefit Outstanding Award.” Moreover, KMU published “university social responsibility report,” echoing SDG17 established by the United Nations, and actively revealing to interested parties all details of school governance, social responsibility, and sustainable development. We won the Taiwan Sustainability Awards in 2021 - Gold Award for University Sustainability Report.

The abovementioned results demonstrate in KMU’s teaching quality, research capacity, and fulfillment of social responsibility. In the future KMU will continue enhancing education and making its social influence widespread.  



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