KMU’s second-stage higher education deepening plan aims to cultivate "artificial intelligence for the new generation of precision health promotion talents". It integrates the three elements of "human-centered care", "cross-domain innovation" and "smart health". The achievements and highlights are included in what follows:

A. Practicing Innovation of Teaching and Enhancing Quality of Teaching

1.Innovative teaching leads the way while the number of teaching practice research projects has repeatedly hit new highs and the affirmation obtained because of the first teacher awarded the Teacher Award: Twenty-eight applications for “Teaching Practice Research” were approved in 2020, which continued to rank the first among the medical universities in Taiwan. In addition, Professor Fan-Hao Chou from the school of Nursing was awarded 2020 College Teacher Award. She has been the first teacher to receive the honor.

2.Complete AI-information characteristic courses and academic programs in medical universities, and increase the proportion of non-information majors: According to the results of the computational thinking ability test, we guided students to choose "Python Programming (I)" or "Python Programming (II)". A total of 64.6% of the students took programming courses, and 25% of non-information majors received school-wide information-related competition award. "AI Medical and Health Care Program" and the "Master Class of the Institute of Medicine-Artificial Intelligence Medical Group" were newly established in 2020. "Master of Artificial Intelligence Health Industry Application Program" were approved for recruitment beginning in 2021 academic year.

3.Promote Precision Health, Develop Digital Teaching Materials, and Transform Medical Education: With the aim to promote precision health, the KMU introduces virtual reality technology in the development of its distinctive digital teaching materials, which include the 3D bone models used in pathological anatomy, the digital oral pathology and oral embryology virtual microscope slide database, and the 2D/3D smart health interactive games. Assistant professor Chia-Chi Yang and his students from the school of Nursing were awarded Samsung 2020 Solve for Tomorrow Award.

B. Developing the Characteristics of School

1.International Rankings Recognize the KMU’s Progress in Research Quality and Quantity: In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE) of 2021, the KMU makes noticeable progress in research (3.6 points increased) and citation counts (4.3 points increased); in the NTU Ranking of 2017-2020, the KMU rises to the 9th place from the 11th place.

2.Providing more opportunities to participate in undergraduate research: Another example of progress in research is illustrated in the approval of the Summer Undergraduate Research Programs and the MOST Undergraduate Research Programs, from 31 cases in 2018 to 92 cases in 2020.

3.National Awards in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Fresh Turning Point for Sustainable Development: The KMU claimed the 17th “We, Innovators” award and MOST’s 2020 FITI Outstanding Entrepreneur Award, the first school that received the honor of the two national awards. In the same year of 2020, the KMU’s Innovation Incubation Center was recognized as the Excellent Incubation Center by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

C. Promoting Publicity of Higher Education

1.With economically or culturally weaker students showing better performance, KMU was first granted Award for “Higher Education SPROUT Project: Improving higher education student attendance”: the rate of economically or culturally weaker students accepting help reached 100%, the suspension and dropout rate decreased from 4% in 2017 to 1.1% in 2020, national exam pass rates increased from 70% in 2017 to 87.7% in 2020.

2.KMU received the honor of “Improving higher education student attendance”: In 2020, KMU was granted Award for “Higher Education SPROUT Project: Improving higher education student attendance,” which made it the first medical university which was granted such an award.

3.Adding further issue analysis of school administration to administrative accountability reports, refining administrative decisions: Adding further issue analysis of school administration to administrative accountability reports, KMU adjusted the organization and test of school administration, and strengthened Higher Education SPROUT Project. KMU was invited by Taiwan Association for Institutional Research, TAIR, to give two poster presentations at 2021 TAIR Annual Convention and International Conference.

D. Reinforcing University Social Responsibility

1.Working on local and rural areas, guarding public health, and implementing university social responsibility: KMU combined local subjects with courses; cooperated with Antai Community to develop transformation of Chinese herbal medicine, reformed carts of Chinese herbal medicine, and innovated health education board game; cooperated with Tai-ping Elementary School to develop course schedule concerning air pollution; and promoted textbooks of drug safety in Cijin.

The abovementioned results demonstrate that KMU made breakthroughs in bettering teaching quality, academic research, and implementing social responsibility. In the future KMU is looking forward to upgrading overall educational quality and spreading social influence.  


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